Fair warning, past the read more is a disorganized thought-swamp containing information about my day.

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I’m not entirely sure what I was doing, but that painting behind me sure does look creepy.

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Having an eye exam and getting new contacts is the greatest thing. The world is so much sharper and clearer.

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Tired me with messed up hair.

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Maybe I should stop reblogging lists of questions, hmmmm.

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damned-cursed-broken said: Agreed^^ If it wasn’t for the rest of the band CG wouldn’t be where they are today!

slendonurie said: they’re all perfect and they wouldn’t even be a band if it was just alex lawd

fuzzybearknuckles said: This is a fine example of “Fangirl that doesn’t understand the importance of instruments and talent.” If you only like a band because the vocalist is hot, you are doing music wrong.

^^^ THIS. This is why I love my followers so much. <3 Thank you guys!

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Well, here they are, Rachel.

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Last night I got 1 and a half hours of sleep and now I just woke up after being asleep for 3 hours. Fuck.

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Andrewith, it seems like just yesterday we were sitting at the lunch table with daniel and thomas and the rest of the lunch group. remember how we met? when everyone was in renaissance going to eat their pizza and ice cream and it was just me and you sitting at the lunch table? we sat there for like 5-7 minutes awkwardly and finally i said something along the lines of “so you’re adam’s brother?” and you hesitated to answer but then answered saying yes. and we kinda had a mini conversation just sitting there hoping someone would come back so things wouldn’t be as awkward. I remember how awkward you and thomas made me feel when you guys used to creepily stare at me while i ate my lunch and covered my mouth. remember that time i came to your house for your halloween party and we listened to music on your laptop and then you and levi and adam held me down and i think i broke adam’s thumb. and then the next time when levi, daniel, you, and me hung out and went to the naked bean to watch daniel. i think that was the same time we walked to walgreens to get energy drinks and they were about to close so we hurried and got energy drinks (well, me and levi did) and then ran back down to the naked bean then took daniel home and then me shortly after. all those morning when me and you and levi would stand together waiting for the bell to ring. i remember when we used to text non-stop every day. and we talked about the funniest things. i really miss our conversations about everything and anything. those were the kind of conversations that really started our “best friendship.” all freshman year we were so close. then you graduated and we kinda went our separate ways. which sucked. i never saw you anymore and i would get so jealous when you and samantha and levi would all hang out together because i wanted to be a part of that too. we were the four best friends and i feel like i’m not a part of that group anymore. we talk about hanging out from time to time, but it still hasn’t happened. WE NEED TO HANG OUT ANDY. it makes me sad to say that we aren’t close at all anymore. i always feel so left out of conversations and i just feel like i don’t belong in you guys’ group. we need to text all the time like we used to and hang out every once and a while. on a happier note, i’m so glad you’ve always been there to help me through rough times and no matter how mad you get at me i know that you care and you’ve always cared. you make me feel loved and wanted. i’ve been through some major stuff since the beginning of 2011 and you’ve always been there to listen to me and give me the best advice you possibly could. i’m so thankful that you came into my life when you did. truthfully i wouldn’t be here without you, levi, and samantha. you guys are my life savers (liiterally). thank you so much for being my friend even though i screw up everything and i’m a horrible person most of the time. you mean so much to me. i’ll never forget any of the memories we’ve shared. i love you andrewith. fo-evah and always quirrel. :)

Already texting you, but isn’t that a flattering picture of me in your jacket?

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